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Murray Smart Technology Solutions is your complete home entertainment installation company. We specialize in integrating a complex network of home theater systems, multi-room audio visual, security features, lighting control, pre-wiring, home automation and energy management systems into one easy-to-use touch screen control panel. Our goal with all of our clients is to provide them with solutions that make their home entertainment dreams a reality.

From pre-wire systems, to fully custom, movie-theater-style home theater systems, Murray Smart Technology Solutions engineers every intricate detail to provide you with the highest quality performance, reliability and ease of use.

Our Services

Smart Home Automation

Now you can control all of your home systems with one smart device, whether it’s your iPad, iPhone or Android! Talk about a SMART home!

Whole House Audio

Play your favorite music, no matter what room of the house you are in. Whatever your musical preferences, our home audio solutions are the perfect way to enhance your experience.

Home Theater

Experience the thrill of owning a state-of-the-art home theater. Never before has the concept of a home theater been so real and achievable.

Security & Surveillance Systems

Using the same interface that controls your home entertainment, comfort and automation systems, you can control a fully integrated security installation.

Outdoor Entertainment

Enjoy the same access to digital music and movies saved in the home network via a touchscreen or networked tablet.

Systems Design

We can provide the planning and schematics for home theater systems, complete home automation, security systems, multi-room audio systems and lighting control systems.

Lighting Control

Wouldn't it be nice to press one button to start a lighting scene like entertain, cook or movie? We can provide this feature with our wireless lighting systems.

Energy Management

Thermostats are integrated into your home automation system. Temperature changes based on the time of day is only one of your tools in the arsenal of an intelligent home with environmental controls. Remote monitoring and control can be accessed with Smartphones, iPads, voice only or computers.

Motorized Window Treatments

Closing the blinds and controlling how much light is filtered in through your windows has never been easier - or more conveniently packaged - than through the beautiful motorized window treatments provided by Creston.

HDMI Video Distribution

Our home video distribution allow you to distribute HDMI signals to multiple rooms and displays throughout your home.

Structured Wiring

The correct wiring can eliminate the need to have equipment all over your home and going back after the fact to rip into walls and ceilings for future installations.

and more...

In addition to providing high-quality smart home automation for personal residences, we also supply state-of-the-art building automation systems for commercial use. These building automation systems offer your facility the same high-quality audio visual experience you’ve come to expect from Murray Smart Technology Solutions.

Our top-quality building automation systems seek to offer maximum convenience and user-friendly intuitiveness. We design our building automation systems with your needs in mind to provide your business with everything it needs to perform in perfect comfort and safety.

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