Dedicated Theaters

Dedicated Home Theaters

Step inside the elegant theater. The smell of fresh popcorn fills the air. Press play on the touchscreen remote. The lights dim, a widescreen is revealed and high-definition, panoramic images fill it. Immersive sound effects captivate the guests seated on plush furnishings as the movie begins.

A dedicated home theater offers you, your family and guests an entertainment oasis, away from the crowds and noise of a commercial cinema that delivers a cinematic-quality viewing experience within the comfort of your home.

Determine the Look
While the A/V gear certainly delivers the compelling listening and viewing experience, the design elements of the room distinguishes it from others. That’s why our design team designs the room first. We work with you to determine a look for the theater, then design it. Based on the room, we determine the optimal size and location for the video display, a crucial step to create the best possible viewing experience from any seat; from there, we complete the layout of the room, build it and complete the installation with our expert team of system designers and integrators, or working closely with your design or build professionals.

Enhance the Ambiance with Lighting
Whether you want the lights on for entertaining guests or prefer a traditional dark theater, we will find the best decorative lighting options, including wall sconces and pre-programmed scenes, as well as motorized shade solutions to address ambient light and create the ideal viewing environment.

Acoustics and Soundproofing
Great sound immerses and captivates you, but you don’t want late night viewing to disturb others. Acoustic treatments significantly impact the sound quality in a room by providing performance benefits and play a large part in determining the look of the room. The combination of construction techniques and acoustical treatments enable you to maximize the audio in the room while also preventing the sounds to escape into the rest of the house.

Custom Theater Seating
Little leg room, heads in the way of the screen, and, not to mention, sticky floors – all reasons that may have prompted the decision to build a private home theater in the first place. We can get a wide range of seating options in multiple grades of leather or microfiber, different styles, configurations and color to complement to maximize the design element and floor space of the theater. We will make sure everyone is comfortable, has the best view of the screen and you will never have to stand to let someone walk past again.

The Right Equipment Completes the Experience
The right projection and speaker systems can make your home theater look and sound far better than commercial theaters. We offer a broad selection of high performance audio, video, control and A/V components that will take the home theater experience to the next level, while meeting the design and performance demands of any room and size.

Whether you want large tower speakers, projection systems and other components to be seen in the room itself or hidden in the walls, ceilings or in a rack closet, we will make sure the right equipment is selected for that room, it is properly installed, easy to use, looks elegant, and most importantly, just works. From Ultra HD projectors paired with motorized screens, theater speakers and subwoofers, we combine high-performance equipment that enables you to view movies the way Hollywood intended them.

Add a Personal Touch
Our team has a long history of creating special home theater environments and we can provide suggestions for adding personal magic to the space to complete the wow-factor of the room. Optimize your theater experience with an iPad remote control, personalized lighting scenes, add a bar area or adjoining entertainment space, or even a popcorn machine. Just ask.