Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring and Low Voltage Pre-Wire

While not as glamorous as that 65" LED TV or your in-wall iPad docking station, structured wiring, aka pre-wiring, is the backbone to any home's low voltage system. Without it your phones would not ring, TV's would be blank, wifi would not exist and life in general would be overwhelmingly depressing! We love the structured wiring phase during construction as it is our moment to shine and ensure that whatever telephone, television, data network or AV equipment you decide to install will have the connectivity they need to work their best. We employ high quality cabling, sometimes miles of it, including CAT6, RG6, fiber, speaker wire, 18/2, 22/ name it! We are also advocates of installing conduit allowing for additional cable to be pulled at a later date without having to tear up your walls. Below is a brief overview explaining the advantages of a proper structured wiring system.

Structured wiring allows for telephone systems to be easily integrated into a home or businesses' "technology backbone" as well as data network integration providing you with internet access, connectivity to media servers ("black boxes" that deliver audio, video and other media throughout the home), printer sharing as well as the monitoring of your home's status. Imagine, from anywhere in the world, being able to go to a secure website on the internet to access and view systems within your home. Kids leave the lights on? Turn them off. Security alarm going off? See which part of the home was breached and check the security camera.

Also benefiting from your home's structured wiring is the televisioncable network. Nowadays, cable boxes/DVR's are essentially computers sitting on a data network where 1's and 0's (digital signals) are zooming around from cable box to cable box allowing you the luxury of being able to view high definition video content throughout the home. High quality RG6 cabling will ensure such sensitive information reaches your DVR's unscathed.

We know where the cables end our TV's, telephones, security cameras, speakers and computers, but where do they "start"? A structured wiring panel is the heart and brain of the home's structured wiring system pumping vital information to all the systems throughout it. Centrally situated in a closet or utility room, the accessible panel makes adding another TV, phone or computer to your home as as easy as going to the panel and plugging a cable into an available slot. Here at Murray Smart Technology Solutions we like our panels like our garages; neat, clean and easy to find things in.